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The Global Library of Female Authors (TGLFA)

Founded By Prof. Ona C. Miller

Female Authors who "Create and Establish"


The Global Library of Female Authors (TGLFA) includes females who have created and established programs, organizations, curricula, and literature to enhance the lives of other females globally.

The Global Library of Female Authors is a global centralized online location for our students and female community worldwide to inspire connectivity and collaboration. The Female Library was established to engage connectivity for female students, leaders, groups, and organizations worldwide. The individuals, groups, and organizations were founded and established by females and for females. The Female Library consists of locally and internationally recognized females doing established work in cities, states, regions, countries, and continents to advance females.


The Global Library of Female Authors understands and appreciates the importance of creativity and authorship. Females were created to introduce ideas, concepts, theories, policies, principles, and practices the world has never seen or experienced.


The Global Library of Female Authors encapsulates females who are unstoppable, unwavering, and undisputed trailblazers, forerunners, groundbreakers, obstacle jumpers, and barrier destroyers, interrupters of traditions, cultures, and norms. Our experiences, studies, research, and relationships educate us. We are award winners and givers who hold platforms, not for ourselves, so other females can have a pathway created to experience their unique greatness.

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