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Female Authors - Asia


Samia Qamar

Director - Human Resource, Global Goodwill Ambassador

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Samia is a Pakistani citizen with a rich experience of more than 14 years in Human Resources of multinational companies with multiple industries, which includes Healthcare, Management Consultancy, Hospitality and Financial Services. In her most recent role, she’s working as a trusted global business partner for driving the people agenda forward.


Her purpose is nurturing workplaces by guiding leaders to engage, lead high performance teams, create EVP by building a competitive advantage, drive cultural transformations, and develop talent and leadership pipeline to deliver sustainable profits.


She has an innate passion for philanthropy through community outreach. She was awarded Global Goodwill Ambassador for Pakistan for her contributions towards the community in 2018. Also, she was recently awarded “Exceptional Woman of Excellence” by Women Economic Forum for her professional endeavors in the community, with a distinctive voice and vision that are inspiring and innovating a new narrative of leadership in all walks of life.


Samia has completed her LEAD journey from Stanford Graduate School of Business, and is a Senior Certified Professional from Society for Human Resources Management, US. 

Dr. Anu Mehta

Meta–Medicine and Meta‐Healing Coach and  Trainer

AAMET Certified Emotional Freedom


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Dr. Anu Mehta is the Chair Lady and a member of the ‘Board of Directors’ for META-Health International. She is the Doctor of Philosophy [Honoris Causa] from the ‘The Open International University for Complementary Medicines, Colombo, Sri Lanka’. 


   Dr. Anu Mehta is the ‘First Master Trainer’ in META-Health, Matrix re-imprinting and Advanced Clearing Energetics. She is a trainer in Information technology called NES-health, EFT, Matrix re-imprinting, Colour-Psychology.  She is also a facilitator and trainer Hypnotherapy, Tibetan Singing bowls and Family Constellation. She has also trained in Tarot cards, Angel cards, Lecher Antenna, Pendulum Dowsing and Nuerographik drawings.


She is an author and an international speaker. She has been a speaker in countries like the United Kingdom, Egypt, Prague, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Hawaii and Barcelona[Spain] and Colombo, Sri Lanka


She has won many accolades for her work in META-Health since 2014.


In 2017, despite the demonetization she created the four day ‘The 8th International META-Health Conference’, and four days of post conference workshops in Mumbai, India with speakers from across the world like: India, UK, Germany, Japan, Serbia, New Zealand, Norway, Czech-Republic, Egypt, Ghana, Canada, Denmark and Netherlands graced the stage sole aim of Self-Empowerment and development by transforming mindset. Various aspects around health were covered during this conference like: ‘Mind-Body-Soul connection’, ‘New Developments in the field of Health’, ‘Sexual awareness’ and ‘Mental Health awareness’. 


Dr. Anu Mehta assists in healing people by identifying the stress, which causes physical illness or psychological illness. She believes in empowering people. According to her real empowerment can only happen when people identify their stress and then go ahead and make that CHANGE that is required to have a happy and healthy life. The only person who can make that change is YOU. She always says, “Don’t give up, just give yourself permission to set yourself free from the chains that are holding you down and making you cry. So go ahead and make that one change today that can make you feel happy and complete.”


During Covid 19, in these last few months she has been able to organize 175 talks over 5 months, with speakers from across the world on the zoom.


She is very grateful to the universe for supporting her.


Sharmita Bhinder

Activist, Blogger, Writer, Poet

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Sharmita Banerjee Bhinder a renowned poet, writer, blogger, activist residing in the beautiful city of Chandigarh. journey with a Degree in Law and after practicing for two years chose to move to Soft Skills.


As a Trainer-Mentor years she has been training students and She has been a successful Entrepreneur & Businesswomen salons by one of the first Internationally certified makeup.


Looking after and healing her special child disability and challenges, guidance and modules including Reiki, Pranic and Spiritual Healing As the Spiritual Healer in her began to dominate the other aspects of li she chose to start EmPOWER an NGO for special children .


The focus here was to amalgamate the special children into mainstream society with normal children as well as create a common platform for each human.

Nancy Juneja

Fonder & Director of RevUp Life Skills Co-Founder of MENTORx Global

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Nancy Juneja, Founder Director of RevUp Life Skills and Co-Founder of MENTORx. She is the one who co-founded MENTORx in Ludhiana with a global vision to bring mentors and mentees together to address long standing needs & providing Skill Development & handholding for Students, Startups, Partners, Investors, Financers, SMEs, Entrepreneurs, Businesses, Professionals & Corporate.


Now MENTORx is in India, Australia, Mauritius, South Africa, Fiji, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Nepal, Vietnam, and Singapore. Nancy Juneja, Conferred with highest civilian honor the “Karmaveer Chakra” by United Nations-iCongo, born and raised in an educational family running schools and boarding hostels since 3 decades.


An Educationist, highly acclaimed Success Coach and Leadership Mentor sought out by numerous Educational Institutes, corporate & Industries pan India. She holds a Bachelor degree in Business Administration from Delhi University, Post Graduation in International Marketing from Delhi School of Economics, B.ed from Kurushetra University.


With 15 years of hands on experience in key performance areas like management, administration, manufacturing, education, mentoring entrepreneurs, corporate employees, Coaching Start-ups and providing quality skill education to the individuals, communities, she serve the society with twin motive of providing Skill Development & Research in rural & urban India and setting Leadership modules for communities & individuals.


A highly acclaimed trainer with 10+ years of experience. An in-demand people transformation trainee and leadership mentor with the knack of sensing audience needs and latest business priorities. She delivered multiple projects on success spanning breakthrough and adaptive training for global leaders, diverse business, startup, education institutions and NGO’s. A Keen observer & approachable leader with expertise to provide constructive feedback, motivate & mobilize teams & harness potential among the candidates.


REVUP Nancy Juneja started her entrepreneurial with RevUp. Nancy’s initiative is a movement which calls upon every teacher, every parent, every educator, every policy maker, everyone who has a role to play in the development of a child to join hands together for a reform in the education system to bring out the human potential in every child. RevUp life skills unit, brainchild of Nancy Juneja is an innovative education company focused on equipping children with skills, literacy, competency and the attitude needed to thrive in the dynamic world of the 21st century. RevUp Life skills unit is anchored by an innovative and robust activity based learning that is working since a decade. They believe that students need to acquire skills beyond academics to compete and thrive in school, college, career and life. RevUp provides an environment where individuals have high engagement levels, critical thinking, a curiosity that caters to multiple intelligence's amongst varied age groups. These help students to give wings to their imagination, come out of their cocoon and express aloud with wit and humor. they learn real techniques and tools to be an effective speaker and an influencer. It focuses on raising street smart, proactive, competitive and amiable children. 


MENTORx As individuals we have different needs at different points of our life. The distinct requirements are recognized by Nancy Juneja, which led to launch of MENTORx. With the Global launch in 2019, MENTORx already delivered 150+ sessions across the globe and already served more than 10000 individuals i.e. Entreptrepreneurs startups profesionals, emerging to be one of the most inspiring startup of the year. Currently thriving in India, Australia & Mauritius, we'll soon expand to Saudi Arabia & Fiji. With a team of industry experts of Mentors, we provide growth advise, challenges' solutions & innovation success expertise across diverse business & personal aspirations. Her training modules attract many eager participants from varied background and culture. The attendees learnt to balance societal expectations, have realistic dreams with a pragmatic success road map and how to achieve it with courage, compassion and clarity while building better relationships and skills. She has been changing the world for herself & others. Certificates, Achievements &


Viola Edward DeGlanville

Multi-Award Winner, Author, Entrepreneur, Pioneer and Founder

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Viola is a multiple-award winner, including: - Doctorate Honoris Causa, Aspirational Woman and Outstanding Contribution to Mentoring. She is the author of two books: - “Breathing the Rhythm of Success” 1999, “Who Makes the Bed?” 2017 and co-author of 8 more.


She is the founder of Feminine Capital Forum & Systemic Breathing.  Co-founder-owner of Kayana Consulting, GRIT Academy. The Co-creator of the BQ- Breath Intelligence. Viola also sits on the boards of several magazines and NGO’s and serves as ambassador for Human Rights and for Gender Equity.


She has been pioneering and developing mental health fitness and well-being in the workplace since the nineties, bridging the space between breathwork therapy and business management. She now works internationally with individual and corporate clients in a cross pollination between self-development, management, and leadership. As a creative entrepreneur, she is a synergist, developing innovative schemes. She recently introduced breathwork to rehabilitation from addiction, a theme in her life that she successfully overcame.


She also is an event’s organiser but she prefers to support other in their event and be part of their team. The most relevant are,  in 2002 – Margarita Island, Venezuela- GIC – Global Inspiration Conference. Sponsored by IBF – International Breathwork Foundation. A weeklong conference with 207 attendees from 30 countries. And in 2017-in Kyrenia, Cyprus – The Feminine Capital Forum- a daylong conference with 27 International speakers, 120 attendees, both side of the island & other countries.

Hatice Ozalp

Holistic Pharmacist

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Hatice ozalp is a holistic pharmacist. Amazing mother and very connected with free and natural talents of children. She is creating a whole movement about “Connection before Correction” 


As a pharmacist, She uses homeopathy, bach flowers and healthy/organic lifestyle solutions in the knowledge that health is mental, emotional & physical balance. Her curiosity about the power of communication has helped her to become a health coach and solution focused coach, GRIT coach. She is a mother of two, traveller and writer. Her passion is learning and sharing.


Layla Edward

CFO, Co-Founder, Executive Coach, International Trainer

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Layla is the CFO and Co-founder of GRIT Academy, an executive coach with extensive online experience. Group leader and international trainer in Breathwork Mentoring, GRIT-Academy and "Círculo de Realización Personal”. A doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Birth facilitator. She is also specialized in Neurobics and thoughts transforming.


She was born in Iraq, raised in Lebanon, studied in U.S.A., lived most of her life in Venezuela, and is now residing in Cyprus, where is part of the group KAYANA consulting.


Layla has found her treasure of joy and passion for life, people and the planet.  Dedicating herself with relentless grit to many years of personal development, Layla transformed anger into peace of mind and the love for life which she feels with every breath.


She is a master thought shifter, coach of wellbeing, breath awareness and time management. Her many areas of practice include meditation, traditional Chinese medicine and neural therapy.  She specializes in Neurobics that keeps the brain alive using the senses in an extraordinary way.


Fascinated by the miracle of life and death, she became a Birth Coach, working with parents before the birth and supporting them to have the opportunity of a natural delivery in a safe environment.  She also trained in Phowa, directing the transference of consciousness at the time of death.


Layla is an explorer of health and art, creating exquisite vegetarian meals and painting styles like Ebru, Sumi-e. ZenArt and Mandalas. For Layla, it is very important to give back to others and to the planet, contributing by being ecological and creating as little waste as possible and teaching self-esteem and environmental consciousness.


Through her experience in nature, in solitude and with others, Layla discovered the gift of being present.  Breathing fully, she models and shares her authentic beliefs.  She affirms “I love to be mindful in all areas of my life, my presence is an asset everywhere I am. I live in peace, clarity and inner satisfaction”, teaching about presence in the moment with gratitude and inspiring others.


Her practical experience shows her that by living in the present moment and integrating the past, an internal state of peace and self awareness can be reached, which is fundamental in recuperating the capacity of joy & holistic health. Layla is a living example of her teachings, she is also called “Master of Joy” by her students, teachers, friends and family.

Through her work Layla supports expand human potential, creating conditions for her clients and students to develop their consciousness.

Marianella Torres

Businesswoman, Psychopedagogue, Wellness coach, and Founder of Women on Business

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After living an important fragment of my life in different parts of the world, I thank much of my story to Chile, France and Venezuela, my native country, in which I finally landed at age 14.


You can imagine how many “bones” I left scattered along the way ...


My life has always been linked to education, my root profession is psychopedagogy, although life invited me to walk in other roads and I am co-founder of my husband’s business linked to the construction industry. Until today I have served as its general manager leading work groups at different levels and areas in the company.


For 15 years I practiced my original profession working in parallel as a language teacher for children from one and a half years old to nine. One of the most exciting and rich stages of my life.


Since I was a child, I was a rebellious, curious and imaginative girl, I write stories since I can remember, and I am a storyteller by essence. I never settled for what others told me, I always wanted to see what was beyond the horizon, but as an obedient girl I adapted to what I was allowed to do, just to avoid causing discomfort to my parents, basically, because I knew I could create tsunamis. 


But it was only when I was almost 50 years old that I took the decision to become a life coach, it was also the moment when I decided to start my own business project, fulfill a forgotten dream that I left sleepy aside in the suitcase that accompanied me on every trip I made until now .


I always support women entrepreneurs acquiring their services and products as a philosophy of life because,


I believe it is vital for a woman undertaking the support of the tribe.


I believe that finding the right help as soon as possible saves a lot of mishaps and wasted time.


I believe that having the right company with whom we share concerns and doubts, gives us the strength that sometimes we are not clearly seen to transform our lives and make better decisions for ourselves to experience wellness in all dimensions.


I think changing what we don't like is our responsibility, and “I cannot change what is written for me, but I can decide what to do with what is happening to me”.


I believe that a woman can transform herself and do extraordinary things for herself and for the whole world.


I consider myself an activist of the respect for people, ideas and free will, I defend inclusion and peace above anything else.


I have been working for almost 5 years in a transformational movement for women recovering those lost “bones” left sleeping along the path called life, to help empower girls and women 

wherever I am in this world as I am an incurable traveler.


I have launched this movement during pandemic time, and phase 1 of this project is a book that I am writing with other 20 women invited, for a total of 21 powerful stories. This book intended to raise funds to give away those girls and women, wellness coaching sessions and offering empowerment and transformational life services from entrepreneurs in the empowering and spiritual area, at an affordable cost for all women, regardless their socioeconomic status, race or beliefs.


My motto is:


"When women support each other and achieve their dreams, the power of their transformation, like the fluttering of the butterfly, can be felt on the other side of the world."


Dr. Eline Pedersen

Doctor of Chiropractic 

Honoris Cause Doctorate of Humanity” specialising in Leadership (AUGP)

Initiator and President of NGO “Birth Forward”, Human Rights Ambassador

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Dr Eline Pedersen fundamentally believes in nature’s way of adapting to every aspect of life. As a wellness family chiropractor she studies what she has named the individual’s “HQ” or ‘Health Quotient”. The “Health Quotient” is a measure of an individual’s adaptive state of health, based on their physical, emotional and chemical well-being, within the individual’s epigenetic and environmental context. This fits perfectly with the philosophy of chiropractic - that healing is an innate action, which happens from within and that the body is a self-healing organism. 


Having this in mind, and studying the work of Dr Michel Odent, where he concludes that the most critical time in life affecting our physical and mental health, is the moment of birth, Eline passionately devoted her work and personal life, on making a human being’s birth time the beginning of a well lived healthy lifetime, close to the way nature intended it to be. She believes we have the responsibility to protect the first breath of each new born child, to grow into a fearless, integrated, connected and healthy adults.


As a true mentor/Leader, Eline inspires mothers to claim their right for bringing to life not just a child, but a respected and responsible human being, to ensure that our next generation starts off in an adaptable and self-healing state with the best possible HQ, EQ (emotional Quotient), SQ (Social Quotient) and IQ (Intelligence Quotient) in a protected and healthy environment. 


She also encourages  women, not only in her community but also globally, to take massive action in their lives to be happy and to choose work that fits with their personal philosophy, as love and passion are the core factors for success both in business and in personal life. If we do something we love that is meaningful to us, we automatically want to spread the message to others, building a happier community all around. 


Her concern in life as a young woman, mother, a paediatric and pregnancy chiropractor, drove her to the initiative to “Birth Forward”, an internationally recognized non-governmental, non-profit organisation providing education, support and advocacy for parents in the process of becoming a family. 


Though Eline works internationally for global change, she has her base in Cyprus with her beloved fellow chiropractor Costas and her two boys. 


She is the owner of Aberdeen Chiropractic Clinic in Scotland and their Chiropractic clinics called Health Q. in Cyprus along with her husband Costas. Eline has been honored with a number of awards, of particular note, for her inspirational and humanitarian work, as a chiropractor, Health/wellness mentor and founding member of “Birth Forward”. She has also received an “Honoris Cause Doctorate of Humanity” specializing in Leadership (AUGP) and is an active advisor on several projects with regard the human rights and health. She has recently also been an author in the book “Tough Roads create Tough People”

Dr. Amal Daraghmeh Masri

CEO and Editor in Chief Middle East Business News & Magazine at Ougarit Group

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Dr. Amal Daraghmeh Masri Has an honorary Doctorate from GODSU University-USA. Decorated by French Republic with Chevalier Legioned de Merite d'Ordre National. First Prize Winner of "Best Woman Entrepreneur in MENA". Featured in the book of 100 Most Inspirational Women in the World by Pauline Lang Foundation. Listed as One of Ten Global Women Entrepreneur & Leaders" by the International Council of the Small Enterprises-USA. Won the title of "Arab woman Role Model-Amal is CEO of Ougarit Group, Editor in Chief, and Founder at Middle East Business Magazine. She is the Chairwoman of Palestine-France Business Council. Dr. Masri holds many positions in local business organizations working for the advancement of women in Palestine and across the region, these include being the head of Local Economic Council of AlBireh Municipality, board member of Islamic Reporting Initiative IRI-UK, former President of Business Women Forum & TED speaker.

Regionally and internationally. She is founder and former board member of Middle East Business Women's Network, member of the Arab International Women’s Forum–London and sat on the board of the steering committee of the Fostering Women Entrepreneurs in the ME initiative.
She is shareholder of Mixberry Media–USA and a member of the Palestinian-American Chamber of Commerce. She is H President of Palestine Accueil (FIAFE Paris).


Mrs. Masri organizes and heads economic events that tackle economic issues such as unemployment. She was voted as being one of the 'Top Ten Influential Arab Women working in Public Relations in the Arab world and Model Arab Woman, regularly appears on TV and radio, in Palestine and overseas:

In 2010, she organized the 1st PR Conference in Palestine. She speaks at international conferences: New Arab Women's Forum in Beirut and the Arab EU Summit in Athens, Union for the Mediterranean Spain etc.

Amal is married to Khaled Masri, her business partner. She has two daughters and one son. Amal was educated in France.  

Maribel Colmenares Martinez.jpg

Maribel Colmenares Martinez

International Best Selling Author,  Advocate for The Advance of Women and Strategic Business Advisor

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Maribel Colmenaries Martinez is the co-founder and CEO of Ashirel Business Solutions Pte Ltd facilitating global business collaborations, primarily between Latin America and Asia. She is also the Managing Director of FalconCrest Limited, an advisory firm providing a wide range of services to family offices and ultra-high net worth individuals, with main focus in real estate (hotels, theme parks, smart affordable housing…) providing deal sourcing, structuring and project financing services. Consulting on areas ranging from market entry strategies, start-ups, market penetration and corporate reorganization.

Noha Hefny

Founder & CEO of People of Impact

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Noha Hefny is the Founder & CEO of People of Impact, a social impact innovation and consulting company. She is a senior corporate leader, consultant, humanitarian and entrepreneur with two decades of experience in the fields of strategic communications, partnerships, humanitarian protection and sustainable development with a focus on refugee protection, youth engagement, social entrepreneurship and women’s economic empowerment.


During her career, she represented some of the world's most powerful and admired brands where her journey has been driven by purpose and social impact. She has a wealth of multi-faceted experiences across the public, private sectors and in entrepreneurship and she is a sought-after speaker on topics ranging from gender equality, social entrepreneurship, authentic leadership to youth engagement, and more.


In the private sector, she was the Director of Corporate Affairs and Social Responsibility at PepsiCo covering the Middle East and North Africa, followed by becoming the Director of Communications at McKinsey & Company covering Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa. She also co-founded two startups, one of which is ‘She is Arab’, the world’s first dedicated speakers’ platform for Arab women addressing under-representation in leadership and speaking roles.


She started her career at UNHCR in the field of refugee protection and worked in Egypt and Tunisia where she was the focal point for women survivors of violence and unaccompanied minors. She also undertook two field assignments in South of Algeria and East Sudan focused on reuniting families separated by conflict and voluntary repatriation. She was the only Arab woman on the field at the time. At UN Women and UNESCO, she served in a consulting capacity focusing on education and gender equality advocacy and programs.


She is a nominee of the Tallberg/Elliason Foundation Global Leadership Prize, the recipient of the GCC Women Leadership Award by CMO Asia and the World Women Leadership Congress in 2019. She was also nominated for the 2018 'Women of the Year' Award in the Humanitarian category by Emirates Woman. She was a board member in e7 Daughters of the Emirates Program, in addition to her role as a Mentor at the Cherie Blaire Foundation.


Noha holds a BA in Political Science and International relations from the American University in Cairo (AUC). She is also, an avid wellbeing and yoga enthusiast, a wife, and a mother to two wonderful boys.


Khawla Alhaidari

Coach and Founder of Essence Mastery

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Founder of Essence Mastery, her journey started at Saudi Aramco, combined with her life experience as an ambitious learner, wife and mother of three, Khawla adapted to cultural changes living in three continents and striving the balance between values and identity. Through her journey, she evolved to become a leadership coach, trainer, and speaker.

Khawla is passionate about serving leaders and mission-driven teams who strive for success and balance amidst the demands of our fast-paced world. With a strong experience in coaching, as a Strategic Interventionist and Coactive Coach to universities and government institutes.

Her latest engagements include working as a coach for Misk Values Program at the Misk Foundation. Over the past couple of years, she achieved 500+ hours of coaching individual global clients in person and virtually. In addition, she developed a coaching program for the Supreme Council for Women in Bahrain. she facilitated a renowned program called The Outward Mindset for Zain Telecom Bahrain. Lastly, she is currently engaged in coaching graduating university students at various universities in Bahrain and Riyadh.

Khawla’s coaching strength lies in building trust by being fully present with her clients in a non-judgmental way. She works by identifying the strengths and also what limits her clients and facilitating a shift in their thinking, emotional response and business behavior to a new empowering level.

Clients describe the coaching meetings as thought-provoking, challenging old assumptions, generating new-perspectives, enhancing their emotional intelligence and supporting their specific Professional Development Plans. The experience is deeply transformative. They describe her as daring, caring, wise and enthusiastic.

Khawla is an International Coach Federation (ICF) credentialed Professional Certified Coach (PCC). She is also a Certified Professional Coactive Coach (CPCC) by The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) a Strategic Intervention Coach from the Robbin's Madanas Training Institution She holds a Master's degree in Human Resource Management from the Universidad Carlos III, Madrid, and Bachelor of Science in Business Management with Honors from The University of West of England, UK.

Finally, her mission is to awaken and empower leaders who dare to lead with faith, courage, and responsibility. Her passion is to inspire and connect human beings to themselves and with each other as they embrace their creative power.

Amina L. Weewo

Founder of Stella Women Around the World

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Amina L. Weewo is from Northern Europe, where we have four mystical seasons with utterly beautiful white nights during summertime and surrounded with heavy snow and darkness during winter. Getting married, becoming Mother of 2 sons, divorcing, working hard to raise the sons and trying to give them the best education. There were hard times, but after the hard times there were also good times. I believe that the hard times in my life have made me a stronger person and to value all good in my life much  more. I love to travel and explore new countries and connect with the different people around the world. I think that every country has its own beauty and every person is unique and beautiful I am living in Bahrain from 2009. How I ended up in this beautiful island, has also its own story. My very first visit to Bahrain was by chance! I had a four-hour stopover in the kingdom. At the time my knowledge about Bahrain was very limited, so to get to know the place I decided to take a quick tour, grabbed a taxi from the airport and drove around. I don’t know what happened exactly, but could definitely tell, I fell in love with the country the first moment I landed in. Deeply I felt that would be my place, where I would love to come back and stay for a while. I returned in 2009 for one month. After that I couldn’t leave the island anymore and I have been living in Bahrain for more than ten years.


The hospitality of Bahrainis, their caring and generous souls and their welcoming arms especially towards guests, their big hearts is irresistibly enormous. The beautiful Land of the Two-Seas made me get attached to the island. From that moment onward I had an urge to tell the whole world what a beautifully diversified country Bahrain is! It was like I started a beloved mission; to share my Love story about Bahrain with the rest of the world and tell a tale that has flourishing details in every single page. To make my dream become true, I established my own company and called it Stella Polare Boutique Events.


The name Stella Polare means a Northern Star and it’s famous for holding nearly still in our sky while at the same time the entire northern sky moving around it. That’s because it’s unique located closely to the north celestial pole, the point around which the entire northern sky is turning.  The reason Polaris is so important is because the axis of Earth is pointed almost directly at it. During the course of the night, Polaris does not rise or set, magically though remains nearly at the same spot above the northern horizon year-round while the other stars circling around it. England’s national poet and famous playwright, Shakespeare had once a quote about it “I am constant as the northern star.” My goal in life is to connect and be connected. This was the reason, I started to organize international events outside Bahrain and inside Bahrain.


My latest events are about the Women. I established an organization Stella Women Around the World and my upcoming event will be the International Conference “Women in Innovation & Creativity Globally” in Bahrain in March 2020 I do hope that all these amazing women, who join this event in Bahrain in March, will be the ambassadors of peace and goodness in this World. All starts from us! Understanding and being kind to each other we can make this World a much better place!


Per Aspera Ad Astra


What words of encouragement would you like to share with women around the world?

Being a woman myself, I know from my experience, that our life is not so easy and rosy always, like we wish it to be.


I hope that women don’t give up their dreams easily, going through the hardships. Let the hardships make us all only stronger to follow our goals. I can see a huge potential in the International Women Conferences, as this is our golden chance to know more about each other, to understand more each other, to support each other, to motivate, inspire...


Dr. Harshaa.jpg

Dr. Harshaa Seth

Education, Empowerment and Entrepreneuer

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I am Dr. Harshaa Seth from India. From last 24 years I am working for Girls education and Women empowerment. In India in rural areas still many girls are not getting proper education. And very less percentage of women are working.  Still many girls are suffering because of  dowry & child marriages. I think Education is the only solution to make women strong & self independent. I am contributing in women empowerment from last 24 years. I have trained more than 1,00,000 ( 1 Lac) Girls / Women up till now & still counting.  Thousands of my students are successfully running their business & supporting their families financially. I am a Jewelry Designer for Films, TV shows and ad films. 


From last 23 years, I am a Founder of three Startups.


• Director of HICC Institute 


• CEO of Embrace Jewelry 


• Founder of Cooking and Art Studio by Harshaa 


• Co founder of HV Pharma Quality Systems.  


• I wrote 2 books. "Embrace Jewelry " & "Yoga for Healthy Mind & Body" during this lockdown. 


My Motive Behind These Institutes:  


My main motive behind these Institute is to contribute in Girl’s Education  & Women empowerment through Education, for the betterment of society ! 


·I have given more than 45 episodes on Colors TV & Channel 9 TV regarding skill development program for Women Entrepreneurship. Colors TV, Channel 9, IIW London, WRTC London, Times of India, Indian Express , Karwaan Times, Sakaal Times, Pudhari , Startup ledge, Arthmanthan, Startup India Magazine, Jobs for her,Woman at work,  Conflating vision , Udaan, Lokmat, Humans of Hindustan , The Entrepreneurs of India & in many Business magazines.


During this lockdown I am featured in Women Inspiring stories in 100 Inspirational women who are winning Lockdown through their work.


From last 23 years we are conducting more than 30 Skill development / Educational courses like Computer courses, Interior designing, Jewelry designing, , Cosmetology ,Home science, Soft skill development & many more.


We provide free education to underprivileged Girls / Women. We support & guide many women to start their business & grow. I help & guide many women entrepreneurs to conduct exhibitions in malls & orders from big MNC & Corporate sectors.


Every year we donate books & clothes to help under privileged children. Along with this, I work for Mentally challenged & Autistic children. We have developed an app "Health Scan" for these children. I conduct  workshops for them &  exhibitions of their creativity. It gives me an immense happiness. 


I am a member of Global initiative "Support icon"  who works for physically & mentally challenged children.

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