Frequently Asked Questions

What is the criteria for being listed in TGLFA

You must be a female that has created, authored and established a program, initiative, cause or campaign to enhance other females worldwide.

Can I refer, nominate or recommend other females to TGLFA

Yes, you can refer, nominate or recommend other females to TGLFA that have created, authored, and established an initiate, program, campaign, or cause to enhance other females.

Where can I submit the required information to become a part of (TGLA)

You will submit your bio, mission, vision, purpose, and photograph to the email listed below at for review. Once your information is reviewed and approved you will receive a response within 48 to 72 hours of submission.

Can I submit blog posts, topics, and writings to the TGLA blog site

Yes, you may submit blog posts, topics and writings to the blog site. Submit your document to for review, approval, and upload.

The Global Library of Female Authors

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